Luis Hurtado

Art Director / VFX Supervisor

Luis Hurtado is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer & animator living in Los Angeles. He specializes in creating user-interfaces for mobile / web and motion graphics for television / advertising.

Previously, Luis has been a visual design lead at several of the top agencies, television networks and game studios, including DEUTSCH, Hulu & truTV.

16 years professionally working in the video game & entertainment industry, Luis’ main expertise lies in being equally comfortable in the creative & technical fields. His ability to visualize the project creative pipeline has been a boon to many agency & production companies.

Visual Effects Reel:

Motion Graphics Reel:

Capabilities Deck:

2017 ‘Light It Up’ Fall Campaign


Bill Nye Saves The World

Netflix | Bunim / Murray

You Can Do Better

truTV | Redtail Media

Syfy Presents: Comic Con Live

Syfy | NBC Universal | Wilshire Studios

MTV Movie Awards

Viacom | MTV Networks

Another Period – Season 02 Promo

Viacom | Comedy Central

Attack of the Show

NBC Universal | G4 Media

Nerdist News

Syfy | Nerdist

Shark After Dark: Live

Discovery | Embassy Row

The Comment Section

NBC Universal | Wilshire Studios

Back-to-School Ad

Boost Mobile | Chop Shop

Hollywood Sessions

EPIX | Embassy Row

Call of Duty

Activision | Liberati

Uncharted 3: Website

SCEA | Naughty Dog

Jak & Daxter: Website

SCEA | Naughty Dog

Family Guy: Online

20th Century Fox | Sleepy Giant

Microsoft Kinect: E3 Launch

Microsoft | Exopolis

Assassin’s Creed: Twitch Launch Event

Ubisoft | ESL

Dark Reign: 2

Activision | Pandemic Studios

World of Tanks: Wargaming League North America

Wargaming | Hitbox

Day of Defeat


Mortal Kombat: X


The Respawn Army


Championship Gaming Series


Petite Lap Giraffe: Viral Website

DirecTV | The Mill

Fire Phone

Amazon | Region-C

LeansyBoy: Upfronts Casual Game

A&E | Digital Kitchen

PJ Blands

Chili’s | Exopolis

Drink-Marketing Website

Bossa Nova | Exopolis

Rich-Media Ads

Volkswagen | Deutsch

Obligatory Before & After Photo


I’ve been working in the Video Games, Television & Advertising Industries the past 17 years as a self-taught Motion Graphics Designer / Animator. Freelancing Which increasingly lead to more and more unhealthy lifestyles.

After realizing Now, has since learned tools towards more positive living, and is looking to impart first-hand knowledge with a No-BS attitude towards Fitness, Finance & Creative Output.

The Beginning

Born in Santa Monica, CA on December 08, 1981 to a Mexican-Immigrant mother and a “No-Show” Polish & Dutch father. Lived in Guadalajara, Mexico ages 2-5. Came back to Los Angeles as the blondest ESL student known to LAUSD. Went to public school and skipped college. Took random arts & vocational automotive courses at SMC.

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